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Here for Your Success

Heather has seen over 8000 clients and is a founding member of the Master Hypnotist Society since 2009. 

She is a trainer and speaker for the National Guild of Hypnotists since 2003. 

She has opened and directed the NC School of Hypnosis as well as the exempted Florida School under Hypnosis Connection.

Her extensive research into Christian Hypnosis with mentor Scott McFall allowed her the opportunity to enter into a social and political fight that opened her eyes to large scale mass hypnosis and how we are being lead by media, political and religious beliefs.   She is passionate about protecting and inspiring humanity for everyone's common good. 

Her published book "A Dedicated Life, An Empath's Journey" details the unusual childhood experiences that caused the Empath behaviors that give her a little added skill in how she treats her clients.  This life experience paired with extensive training and practice in Neuro Linguistics and Hypnosis has allowed her to change the lives of over eight thousand clients, and thousands more of students and audience members.

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Experience that Benefits You

In 2004 Heather opened her first of 6 different practices. Over the years she has presented for:

  • The Perinatal Counsel of Virginia

  • Fibromyalgia Support groups across Virginia

  • North Carolina and Florida

  • The National Guild of Hypnotists

  • High Schools in North and South Dakota, as well as

  • The God's Child Project in Guatemala and the U.S.

Her radio show followed Dr. Laura on Saturday mornings as "Heather The Hypnotist" on WDOX in Raleigh NC. These basic observations and core skills are outlined in her short book "A Chapter On Integrity". 

Her recently published book "A Dedicated Life, An Empath's Journey" gives the reader insight into being an Empath and how that is created as well as basic step by step tools to help anyone change their state of mind and focus on what is best for their outcomes while supporting others.  Go to to order your copy if you've ever felt like meeting the needs of others and sacrificing yourself was your first instinct.

Her greatest joy is seeing an epiphany occur in real time.

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