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Your Pain Management Hypnosis Program

Pain management with Hypnosis is for the type of person who's already seen their medical doctor and they have been treated for the problem.

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Finally Get Relief

If the medical community is telling you there's a certain amount of pain you'll just have to live with. Lake Hypnosis can teach you how. There's no reason to focus on pain or irritation if it's not alerting you to something that needs to be done.


Quite often a pain management program is self hypnosis training to manage pain and separate yourself from it.

Amazing pain management story...

Our pain management program was developed by Scott McFall who learned hypnosis for pain management when he was 11 years old.


After a massive heart surgery he was taught pain management hypnosis at the Mayo Clinic by a nurse.


In the 1960’s a child who only weighs 50 to 80 pounds couldn't be medicated for pain the way a full-grown man could.


So Scott was tolerating more pain than anyone could imagine and he became very good at hypnosis for pain management due to need!


When you come to Lake Hypnosis for pain management you're not just going by theory or using a technique like yoga or meditation you're actually learning from someone who overcame an incredible amount of pain and struggle.


He knows firsthand what it's like to endure pain and he's taught everyone in his system how to give that relief to our clients.


Call now to see if hypnosis may be right fo you.

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