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Your Stress Relief Hypnosis Program

Did you know that your stress can be making other people's lives miserable? When you're stressed out you tend to have a lower libido, easily irritated and snapping at friends and family, unnecessarily reaching for carbs and sugar to stay awake, sleep loss, clenching, picking, pulling and all of these things can be signs of stress.

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Experience a Sense of Calm

We understand that some people are chemically more anxious than others and in the free screening we determine whether or not you need to be referred out to a medical doctor or to a psychological professional.


If you just need to manage stress to fall asleep instead of thinking or to stay calm instead of being overwhelmed then hypnosis is probably right for you.


Stress can happen with life changes, added responsibility or a paradox that seems out of your control. Learning to change your perspective and see people and tasks differently can make challenges seem smaller.


At Lake hypnosis we help you to manage your stress with traditional hypnosis and waking techniques you do yourself.


Hypnosis is just rearranging the way you see things so you can take the actions you need to take without the emotions that held you back in the past.


Call now for your free screening so you can be relaxed during the day and sleep deeply at night.

  • 77% of Americans report regularly experiencing physical symptoms caused by stress (sleeplessness, nervousness, etc.)

  • 73% regularly experience psychological symptoms of stress

  • 51% report fatigue due to stress

  • 44% say they suffer stress related headaches

  • 50% said they experience irritability or anger

  • 18-33 year olds experience the most stress

Call (352) 223-9444 for Your FREE Screening

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