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Your Habit ChangeHypnosis Program

Annoying habits can be a fear that keeps you from doing something, maybe a fear of closed in spaces, or of heights, public speaking, maybe it keeps you from flying to visit your family across country. Is your fear of something passed on into your children's lives?

All of those and more can be helped quite successfully.

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Change Annoying Habits

If you're a good candidate and don’t need a medical or psych referral other annoying habits that can be eliminated with hypnosis are biting and picking your finger nails, pulling or twirling your hair, sucking, scratching, picking all of these things can be hypnotic habits created when you were a child in a stressful time to comfort or distract you.


There's no reason to be embarrassed or hide your hands or wear hats over that bald spot on your head; there's no reason to be annoyed by a sound in the distance or irritated by something that everyone else ignores.


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NOTE: There also medically created annoying habits like the side effect of many drugs that cause picking and pulling or other side effects.


If you have been medically checked out and you've researched all of the side effects of your medications and you find you just have a healthy annoying habit then hypnosis may be your answer.

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